Lodi Pathfinder Club

Below are the Pathfinder activities planned for the fall and into the future.  Click here to see the complete meeting schedule.


4 - meeting (Pinewood Derby Build @ Lodi Academy Shop, Promote Bike-a-Thon, Sponsorship Form), Leader: DM

18 - meeting, (Knots, Inspection, Promote Bike-a-Thon, Sponsorship Form), Leader: MI

28 - Unit Work Bee @ Fairmont Church Sabbath Afternoon, Leader: Staff


1 - meeting,  Leader: JM

5 - Bike-a-thon Metro Air Park Sacramento, Sponsorship Form, Leave from Fairmont by 7:00 AM, Leader: DM

11 - Bible Bowl plus Pinewood Derby at Fairmont Church @ 6 PM, Leader: Staff

15 - meeting, (Bread Dough Craft Honor) Leader: LM

24-26 - Camping Trip, Caswell Memorial State Park

29 - meeting, (Make Display for Pathfinder Fair) Leader: DM

There will be many more fun and educational activities planned starting in the fall.  Check out the Lodi Pathfinder’s Blog and see what we have been doing.

The Pathfinders have started our new year with Registration and a pool party.  Our first regular meeting is on Sept. 9.  These are some pictures.  There are many more.  Click here or on the pictures to see them.


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