Glen Corwin Memorial

Mist Trail Half Dome Pack Hike


2019 April 22 - 24


This is a strenuous three-day backpack hike.  The hike starts the second Wednesday of May in Yosemite Valley California at the Curry Village parking lot.  From Curry Village ride the shuttle to Happy Isles trailhead.  There hike up the Mist Trail past Vernal Fall, Emerald Pool, and Nevada Fall to Little Yosemite Valley.  We will all meet at the Little Yosemite Valley Campground.  The group will make camp and over night in Little Yosemite Valley. 

If you are not up to the Mist Trail Pack Hike and want to join us and campout at the Little Yosemite Valley Campground there are other ways to get there.  One possible option is traveling by horseback.  You could make arrangements with the Yosemite Valley Stables to transport  you and/or your items to the Little Yosemite Valley Campground.


The  second day will be spent relaxing at camp or doing one of several day hikes in the area.  One of the possible day hikes is to the top of Half Dome and back to our camp in Little Yosemite Valley.  The cables used for the final assent of Half Dome will still be down laying on the rock surface.  This condition requires the use of additional safety equipment.  Other day hikes include Clouds Rest, Merced Lake, Liberty Cap, and others.  I like to visit the Diving Board.  It is from this location that Ansel Adams made an image titled “Monolith, Face of Half Dome”.  


The third and last day of our pack hike we will take time to enjoy the environment in and around Little Yosemite Valley.  Break camp and have a leisurely hike down to Happy Isles.


For more information and to make a reservation for this hike e-mail Wilderness Walker ( or join us on Facebook by clicking on the link below.  This is a popular hike with trailhead quotas.  Make your reservation now.


Hike Photos

3-D Views of Half Dome

Half Dome Pack Trip

May 2009 - 2018

Half Dome Cable Traffic

NPS Permits 400/Day

Hike Documents

  1. 1.REI Camping Advice

  2. 2.Backpacker Checklist

  3. 3.Backpacker Menu Planner

  4. 4.Half Dome Route Map

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